A New Store Approaches

Help support UTDesign Makerspace with merch

October 6, 2022

We are proud to announce we are officially launching our UTDesign Makerspace store! This will be a page where you can support us through direct donations or purchasing merchandise. Whether you want to support us by sporting our logo or helping us get new technology, we want to give you a way to help out.

Fundraising Campaigns

Our first fundraising campaign for an embroidery and sewing machine has launched! This is a piece of technology that has been high in demand for the past few months, so we are using it as an opportunity to see how fundraising for specific technology works for our community. If you are interested in an embroidering and sewing station and are able to support us financially, please consider donating to our fundraiser so we can provide this technology to all Comets.


While we research a new apparel vendor and work on some fire shirt designs, we are selling many of our legacy shirts that reference UTDesign Makerspace and its events. These shirts are offered at a much lower price than what you may find in the future, so make sure to jump on these while you have a chance. Once these shirts are gone, they're gone forever!

Keychains and Stickers

Keychains and stickers that are made in-house are now available. Many of these reference UTDesign Makerspace and the hobbies we support, so find something that fits your style and interests! We may also offer keychains for other student organizations in the future, who knows...


Do you have a suggestion for merchandise or fundraising campaigns we could start? Join our Discord server! We have channels for a wishlist of items we can fundraise for and our marketing committee is always looking for new merch ideas.

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