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We provide space for students to study, work on projects or just hang out.

Tool Access

We provide various tools and equipment to help you build your dreams.


Anyone can teach a workshop about anything. Interested in teaching something click here.


We strive to build a community of makers and builders.



  • + How much does it cost to use the space?

    If you are a student, faculty, or alumni of The University Of Texas at Dallas the space is completely free to use.

  • + How can I teach a workshop?

    Fill out the following form and we will be in contact to discuss further details regarding the workshop. Form: https://tripetto.app/run/MWHQJKKHN0

  • + I am an officer for another student organization on campus and would like to rent the classroom for an event, how would I do this?

    Fill out this form and we’ll be in contact. Form: https://tripetto.app/run/6HOR44O5GD

  • + What equipment does the space have?

    A regularly updated list of equipment can be found at wiki.utdmaker.space/equipment

  • + I'm not affiliated with the university, can I still join?

    At this point we are only open to Students, Faculty and Alumni. We recommend you check out http://thelab.ms/ or http://dallas.ms

  • + What is a Makerspace?

    A Makerspace is a place where people can share knowledge and tools to create. The possibilities are limitless—arts and crafts, electronics, 3D printing. The only limit is the ingenuity of our makerspace's members!

  • + Where is the space?

    Our address is 3000 Waterview Parkway, Richardson, TX. We are located in the SPN (Synergy Park North) building on the second floor. If you enter from the main entrance go up the right hand stairs and through the glass doors.

  • + How can I have access?

    All students have access to the makerspace during normal university open hours.

  • + What can I do to get more involved with the Makerspace?

    Join our subcommittees! We currently are accepting new members for our Community and Workshop Committee, join our discord for more info!

  • + I am NOT an officer for another student organization on campus, but I would like to rent a room for unofficial events, what can I do?

    Send us an email and we'll discuss further details. UTDMakerspace@gmail.com

  • + How much does it cost to use the 3D Printers?

    The only cost associated with the 3D Printer is that you’re required to bring your own filament, there is no service charge for using the printer. We recommend you purchase PLA or PLA+ in 1.75mm. You can purchase it locally from Microcenter or online from Amazon.

  • + Are there any makerspace employees?

    No, we are 100% student run and lead.

  • + I have a specific question, where can I ask it?

    Send us an email at hi@utdmaker.space or you can join our Discord at: discord.gg/9Bac7Uu

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