Below are all the tools any student can use for free! Some of the tools such as the 3D printers will require training before you can use them. Please make sure to clean up your mess and put everything back in its original place for other students to use.


3D Printers

The 3D printers are in the back of Makerspace behind the computer area. But so far, all the 3D printers are out for maintenance, please check later to see which printers are available. You may only use the 3D printers if you have been trained by a Makerspace Officer or by an STM that work in the fabrication lab.


Soldering Station

The soldering station is located in the back of Makerspace and is free to use for everybody. The soldering station has two soldering irons, solder, small clamps to hold your circuit boards, wires and tweezers. Please try to not burn your boards because we do not have a venting system.


Computers & printers

We have 14 computers which include both mac and dell that are available to use for any academic reasons. We also offer free printing but please do not waste ink or paper! Some of these computers may already have programs on it such as Autodesk and Photoshop if you have any other programs you would like to be on the computers please let us know.


Electrical Components

The electrical components table is free to use. It has LED lights, diodes, capacitors and resistors that students may take to use for their projects. But please put things back where they belong if you are not using it and only take the electronics that you need.


Hand Tools

There are hand tools such as clamps, hammers, screw drivers, saws and more in the black cabinets right in front of the electrical components table. Please do not take the tools outside of Makerspace and please make sure to return all the tools you have used so it is available to the next student.


Fabrication Shop

The fabrication lab is located downstairs past the bathrooms and is free to use as long as you have done all the trainings that it requires and have proper attire. The Fabrication shop has vertical Band saw, Drill press, Miter Saw, Scroll Saw, Bench top grinder and more.

Fabrication Shop Website

Our officers


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